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"Kimberly has strong organizational skills as a producer, endearing charm as an actress, and extreme professionalism on set behind the scenes. She takes direction well and brings her A-game to every role, big or small. I strongly recommend her to others and look forward to working with her again."   

-Doc Benson, Director,            

"A supportive team player on set, Kimberly takes her craft seriously. She fully immerses herself into a character's motivations and personal traits, breathing life into any role she plays. 

She demonstrates the ability to conjure emotional diversity as each scene requires, and maintains that take after take, even in the most tearful and gripping scenes."

-Jamie Lee Smith,  Producer,              

"Absolutely thrilled to have had a chance to work with Kimberly on this film (The 211 Home). A calming influence on set, her preparation for her scenes was impeccable, as was her performance. Plus she's as humble as they come - a real pleasure to be around!"                       
-Jim Huggins, Director,            

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